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Al Franks Car #89

1969_8901.jpg (47450 bytes)

Me, "helping" Dad.  I probably wasn't much help, but he never said so, and never discouraged me.

1969_8902.jpg (46773 bytes)

Dad, with a torch!! Changes are coming...

1969_8903.jpg (63977 bytes)

These pictures from the backyard truly reveal the roots of  Backyard Racing. 

A name Dad thought up when I was Drag racing.    Very appropriate!!

dadchase.jpg (65982 bytes)

Dad and Dave Chase,,,,  bumpers locked in battle.

Dad, 3rd in the B feature           Dad, 4th in the C feature.

If you look real hard you'll see Al Franks in the B feature results in the left article and in the C feature results in the right article.

Dad, in '98, three years before he died.  Helping as always.