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Playland Speedway Memorabilia

Playland Brochure, Centennial Program and Bronco Rules 

Brochure images here were supplied by Howard Koziol.

Cover of Playland Brochure  playlandpg1.jpg (27029 bytes)  playlandpg2.jpg (49653 bytes)  playlandpg3.jpg (26901 bytes)

Click on the images below to read the text from the pages of the brochure.

playlpg1txt.jpg (16159 bytes)  playlpg2txt.jpg (15263 bytes)  playlpg3txt.jpg (41327 bytes)

World Herald article about the last night of racing.

playlandfinal.jpg (26459 bytes)    playlandad.jpg (37569 bytes)

World Herald Ad for last night of racing.


1954 Playland Centennial Program 

Program  images here were supplied by Glenn Robey.

1954program.jpg (98141 bytes) 1954prog-1.jpg (38019 bytes) 1954prog-4.jpg (33102 bytes) 1954prog-5.jpg (40558 bytes)

1954prog-6.jpg (47885 bytes) 1954prog-7.jpg (38799 bytes) 1954prog-9.jpg (35638 bytes) 1954prog-12.jpg (39643 bytes)


1967 Playland Bronco Rules

Bronco rules  were supplied by Scott Furstenberg.

rules1967-pg1.jpg (71147 bytes) rules1967-pg2.jpg (78812 bytes) rules1967-pg3.jpg (75920 bytes) rules1967-pg4.jpg (83758 bytes)