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Dave Foote


    Car #55

Although he raced at Playland and Sunset, Dave preferred Playland.  He raced very little after Playland shut down. Dave is the nephew of Roy Foote and cousin of Jim Foote (I bought the chevelle from).

Dave also supplied an aerial photo of Playland Speedway.

Here are some pics from Dave. Point standings are from 1977.

Dave's first car, sponsored bt Gary Griffis.  Cool shot of a trans that's broken in half.     This chevelle sports the  frame from Dave's '57 chevy. foote03.jpg (53796 bytes)  foote05.jpg (22007 bytes) foote07.jpg (54356 bytes)

 foote01.jpg (67446 bytes)  foote07a.jpg (11074 bytes)  foote08.jpg (31060 bytes)  foote09.jpg (24805 bytes) foote10.jpg (15460 bytes)