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Lynn Grabill


I raced at Playland park for a part of 1958 with a 1939 ford flathead powered coupe, and again in 1962 with a 390" caddie powered modified 33 ford sedan. I'm told that I set a track record with the sedan beating the best midget time ever recorded. I believe this was the night I lapped everyone up to 4th place with the second place fellow 1/2 lap behind me. That fellow's name happened to be Lloyd Beckman. I don't have proof of this other than my memory. 

I have inserted a picture fron the World Herald. I had won the "Good Fellows Plaque" race that was presented by Mr Hoery of the World Herald. This was in 1962 and I don't remember the exact date. 

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Left: Here  is a picture of three of us racers before the running of the annual Goodfelllows race which I later won.

Right: Here is a picture of me after I had won the opening day feature in 1958.


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Left: Here is a copy of a couple of point standings from 1958.  One has the date of June 1st and the second is undated but later.



I would be interested in obtaining photos of our cars that raced during this time at playland, if possible. Do you know of anyone that might have been a track photographer and that might still have negatives. Also, who might have kept any "official" records from the track. I would like to contact them also, any help there would be appreciated. Would really enjoy talking/visiting with anyone about the Playland days. They were great!!!!! 

Lynn Grabill 308-389-3414 

Grand Island Nebraska 

Ford Coupe # TV2 and Modified Ford Sedan #12