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Odds and Ends
E-mails and such.......


I put this post on on 12-22-02:

I am looking for track photos, racing photos, stories, point sheets, anything Playland. Check out 
the Playland website at email Dan Franks at if 
you can help. I am creating webpages for ex-drivers there. I want to capture driver history before 
it's too late.

I got a couple of interesting replies, but never heard from them again.

Dave Chase Fan Posted on 01/06/2003 6:14:26 PM

I have some pics of Playland Speedway. I have a lot of memories of that wonderful place too. I'll 
email you in a day or two. 

iceman2 Posted on 01/06/2003 8:30:02 PM

Don't have any pics but do remember the first time I turned a lap there. Hit the wall on the south 
end, went thru the fence and had people that were sitting on the hill, running for their lives! 
Funniest damn nite of racing I ever had!

Dave Chase Fan Posted on 01/07/2003 8:27:24 PM

Iceman, I can't remember the year, likely 68-70 or so, but I believe I'm right that Wally Nissen 
went thru the wall at the entrance to turn 3, and managed to go all the way down to the entrance 
and back onto the track!

Of course there were several instances of cars hammering the walls and winding up wedged in 
between the guard rails and the plywood billboards. 

Another memory comes to mind now that I'm thinking about it. I recall a race, A-Feature I think, 
because it was dark, where Ron Tilley got 3 of those big wide tires cut down in one incident. He 
went to the pits very upset and I remember it sounded like he was trying to blow it up he was so p
issed. Dust flew everywhere as he came to a halt in the pits. He had that first bad-assed 65? 
chevelle with the small block that I swear he was twisting 9 grand. I still think he made a huge 
mistake the next year going to the big block in that car. I can't ever remember a more dominant 
car than the small block chevelle of his. (His prior years '56 chevys were strong too)

I rememeber a huge fight betw the Hasty bunch and Denny Fox too. Scary stuff. 

Funny how memories pop in like this after all these years.