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Larry Osborn
 Driver Car 22

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Larry  raced in 1970, 1971 and 1972 in the Bronco class.  Larry now lives in Maumelle, Arkansas which is just west of Little Rock.

...From Larry: 

I have always Loved racing.  I purchased a 1956 Chevrolet (can't remember the guy's name I bought it from) but it had been raced previously by Russ Dilley car #22. The 283 engine was in the trunk in pieces. I rebuilt the engine in my garage that had a dirt floor. I towed my car to Playland Speedway with a chain in 1970 then in 1971 I "moved up in the world" and towed it with a towbar.

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My sponsor was File Refrigeration....Terry File. Dave Deakins and Bryce Behrens were my Pit Crew.


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A big Thanks goes to Ron and John Hoden for all the help they gave me in helping me get my start in racing..






stockcar1971-1.jpg (34809 bytes) Note from Dan: More pics like this on the Track pictures page. Thanks Larry!  Larry also privided a few race results, check them out also.

For the 1972 Racing Season I built a new car.  It was a 1957 Chevrolet and it now was car number 22X - painted white with a blue front end.  I started the year with a 301 Chevrolet engine (purchased from Ron Hoden) and a 411 rear end gear then changed to a Chevrolet 350 engine and a 513 rear end gear about halfway through the year.  My pit crew remained the same, Dave Deakins and Bryce Behrens.  Ed Kellar couldn't race that year so he hauled my car to Playland each week with his stock car trailer.

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Had a really good year and finished 2nd in the points.  My racing career ended because the rules required the top 5 point finishers to move up to the Late Model Class which was too expensive.


I then became a spectator.  Had the "Time Of My Life" during this time and left me with many memories of racing.