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Playland Speedway Race Results

... Articles, some with pictures.  I'll try to add them in sections by contributor as much as possible.


These are  Bobby Parker's  articles.  Thanks Bob!!  

1952 Points    Robey wins  Feature Win To Beauchamp  Car Swapping!  Pash Leads Points  Beauchamp and Parker Bag Wins  Pash Wins  Pash/Beauchamp Point Feud   Driver Backs Into 3rd Place!  Beauchamp Sweeps  Lilienthal Wins Feature  Parker/Beauchamp Dead Heat  Beauchamp Wins  Parker Wins July 4th Race  Austin Wins  Pash Wins 



These are  Scott Furstenberg's articles.  Thanks Scott!!  

1967 Bronco Entry List Heiman Wins A   Points Standings  Dilley Wins   Triggs Wins  Zdan Wins  Heiman Wins Aug Points Labor Day 300    Playland 300 Field   300 Results



Heiman Wins A  Page1 Flyer Page2 Flyer Earnest Wins   Record Entry   Brown Wins    Points 



These are Don Ronk's articles.  Thanks Don!!

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Courtesy of Don Ronk   Courtesy of Don Ronk   Courtesy of Don Ronk   Courtesy of Don Ronk   Courtesy of Don Ronk  Courtesy of Don Ronk  Courtesy of Don Ronk   



These are mostly Frank Vandoorn's articles.  Thanks Frank!! He has so many that I had to change the format from thumbnail articles (like above) to text links (like below).  The page took to long to load! The ones labeled Hawkeye Racing News are from Dave Hellerich.  Thanks Dave!


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May 30 points    Tilley wins 1st feature    Two Earnest Cars in Wins    Hard Luck Driver Heiman Wins

Hoden Wins "A"     Boyd Roars At Playland, Dilley Wins    Heiman Wins, Dilley Wins    

Playland 300 with Pics



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Playland Ups Claiming Fee to $500    Tilley Earns Playland Win    Jura Romps At Playland

McKeigan Wins Playland Feature    Hoden Captures Playland Feature    Gappa Cops At Playland

Earnest Takes Playland Topper    Heiman Wins At Playland    Zdan Winner At Playland

Bovee And Dilley Win At Playland    Bill Martin Wins "A", Zdan Balks At Claim    Jiskra Wins "A"

Gappa Takes Playland "A"    Morris Wins "A"    Sheffield Wins "A" Feature    Playland 300 Line-up

Playland 300 results    Gappa Wins Points Title    Vandoorn's Win First At Playland

Nebraska-Iowa Championship  1969? From Hoden    1969 Top 20 Pic 




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Zdan Wins After Slow Start    Gappa Wins Super Stock A    Tilley Wins At Playland

Zdan, Hadfield Win At Playland    Point Standings    Zdan, Brown Win

Vandoorn Wins 1st Superstock Feature    Morris, Fernald Win    Tilley, Brown win Features

Zdan Wins    Nisson, Hoden Win    Morris Wins Super    Point Standings

Tilley Wins Super ...Also from Hawkeye Racing    Tilley, Johnson Win




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Brown Clings To Lead To Win Bronco Race       Accident Aids Zdan Win      Playland Wins To Schlondorf

Points Standings       Kaut is Bronco Winner      Sheffield Car Cops Feature        Milbourne Wins Feature

Milbourne Wins Feature Again    Tilley Wins Super "A"    Points Standings    Steve Tilley Wins Super "A"    

McKeighan Wins "A"    Kaut, Jones win Features    Zdan Takes Point Lead    

Zdan Rallies ...Hawkeye Racing News Coverage

Johnson Snares Win     Mishap Ends Race Foe Kaut     Week 18 Points     Morris Wins Super Stock A   

 Week 19 Points    Zdan, Kaut Defend Crowns    Zdan,Kaut,Bovee Win Crowns 


Larry Osborn Articles:  Claude Brown Wins Bronco A     Rolf Wins Demo Derby     Race Finals At Playland     1971 Final Points Standings


1971-bronco-top10 (Frank Vandoorn)     1971 Bronco Division Top Ten

    Standing: Bob Johnson, Ed Beam, Frank Vandoorn, Mike Rocha, Dave Kaut

                Kneeling: Frank Fernaldo, Larry Brown, Jim Shaw, Denny Nielsen, Frank Prideaux


1971 Most Popular Driver (Frank Vandoorn)  1971 Most Popular Driver Award

    It's our boy, Frank "The Flying Dutchman" Vandoorn 

Look at the way she's lookin' at him!  I think he had a fan there!


1971-supertop (Frank Vandoorn) 1971 Super Stock Division Top Ten

Standing: Don Brown, Bill Sheffield, Don Schlondorf, Wally Nissen, Paul Zdan

Kneeling: Glen McKeighan, Dave Melbourn, Steve Tilley, Ron Tilley, Sonny Miller

1972 The STRIKE YEAR! (see History Page!)

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Chilly Night Greets 1972 Playland   Gappa Back as Winner (5th race)    Strike-Marred Playland Win to Elvin Heiman    Kosiski Wins feature At Playland    Morris Wins Close Finish    Council Bluffs Victory To Morris    July 22 Point Standings    Watkins Wins At Playland 

Larry Osborn Articles-  Some are written by Steve Riso   4-22-72 Article      5-13-72 Article    5-20-72      5-27-72   6-3-72    6-10-72    6-17-72    6-24-72    7-1-72    7-1-72    7-1-72    7-15-72    Lest we forget Women raced there too!    7-29-72    Burdick Wins    8-5-72    Larry Brown Wins     Playland Finale    


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Doebelin Wins At Playland    Burdick Wins Feature    Heiman Playland Victor    Fitzimmons Win 1st in 6 Years    Kaut Takes Feature    Don Brown Wins Race    2 Playland Wins to Fitzsimmons    



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Fitzsimmons Wins Playland Feature    Track Veteran Fitzsimmons Wins    Watkins Earns Playland Win 

Bill Martin Wins (Hawkeye News)



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Playland Plans Racing Tonight    Fitzsimmons Stops Tilley    Kaut Wins    O.J. Gay Wins Playland Test    Race Results (6th race?)    Tilley Wins    Spetman Wins    Vandoorn Shines In Playland Race    Late Model points    Kaut Wins     Heiman, Cave Win    Labor Day Race    The Dutchman Sweeps    Aug Super Points    Zdan, Gray Win    


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Zdan wins Opener    Zdan Repeats    Tilley, Cave Win    Tilley, Neff Win        Zdan Sweeps    Tilley, Marco Winners    Cave Sweeps Hobbies    Manchester, McCoy Win    Fitzsimmons Sweeps    Heiman Tops    Vandoorn Takes Win  14th Week Points  Tiny Lund Memorial    Tilley, Cave Win   Tilley Repeats    Tilley, Cave Win    


1977 The Last Year....

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Fire Finishes Martin in Feature    Martin Wins    Martin Repeats    Sheffield, Cave Win    Pony Win to Rabass    Martin, Koziol Win    July 2 Points    Dobelin, Cave Winners    Zdan, Reeves Win    Cave, Vandoorn Win    Week 10 Points    Nissen, Gascoigne Winners    Sterner, Reeves Win    Sterner Repeats    Spetman Wins     Last Race 10-14-77       Zdan, Marshall, Vandoorn Win Final A Features    Final Points