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Rich Ferguson
Car #84

Rich has been racing the same car from about 1964.  It's a 1937 Ford coupe.  Powered by a 305 Chevy small block for 2003, but a 300 Ford six before.


rich_84.jpg (19722 bytes)  This is his Playland car #84, racing at Sunset in the early sixties.


rich_cards.jpg (23664 bytes) A couple of membership cards from '63 and '64.


rich1995.jpg (45849 bytes) This is Rich at the Playland reunion held at the 64 Club in 1995.  This car raced at Playland from 1964.  He races it today with GOTRA.


gotra81as.jpg (19799 bytes)  Rich at Sunset for the Last Sunset in 2001.