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Don Ronk #34

Don was a Playland and Sunset racer.  Like many area racers he spent more time at Sunset than Playland.  I remember him from Playland as I rarely went to Sunset until the mid 80's.

I visited with Don on the phone, asking him to loan me his scrap book.  Don graciously agreed to let me borrow it.  What a trusting man.  He doesn't know me from Adam. Don  has a wealth of Playland and Sunset articles.  I scanned  almost everything he had with the exception of a few Sunset articles that he wasn't mentioned in.  He told me that most of the stuff was from Sunset, but this is a Don Ronk webpage, so almost everything  goes in it.  Since this is an historical type of site, I did exclude some modern modified pics though.  I'm going to try to keep everything in order, but I'll probably fail at that.  Please excuse any mistakes and correct me if you can.

Don 1960 at Sunset, winning a trophy dash.  The trophy picture in 1960. Don's car in 1963. Don, upside down, hasn't even hit the ground yet.

The pic at the far right shows Don's #86 car in mid-air.  It's the only rollover he ever had.  He said "I had some help from the other guy!".

Looks like Playland 1964.  Don's car is the 55 chevy on the right.  Don Ronk1967 at Playland.  They had both coupes and the "new" Bronco class.  The coupe is from 1964 and the 55 is from 1968.

These pics are from various years and mostly in order.

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Don furnished a number of articles as well.  Some are here.

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